Stay Optimistic. Why Half Full Wine Company?

Stay Optimistic. Why Half Full Wine Company?

At Half Full Wine Company, we believe that attitude is everything. It’s a lesson we learned early on from our father, thanks to a poster that moved from room to room, always claiming the top spot on our cork board. "Attitude is Everything," it proclaimed. This mantra has guided us through life’s twists and turns, teaching us to embrace challenges with optimism. In winemaking, just as in life, it’s all about seeing the glass half full.

Our roots run deep, tracing back to 2nd and 3rd generation immigrants from Italy and Greece. They came to America with dreams of a better life, and our great-grandfather, John B. Ghisolfo, founded the Calistoga Wine Company before Prohibition. When the last wine train left Calistoga, the country fell into a dry spell, but John's unwavering spirit and love for winemaking persisted. This legacy of resilience and optimism laid the foundation for what Half Full Wine Company is today.

Twelve years ago, in a modest garage in Calistoga, our journey began as a hobby with one barrel of Merlot and one barrel of Cabernet. It was a humble start, with no room for error, but it brought together three generations of our family. This hobby unearthed our passion and reconnected us with our winemaking roots. Today, we still farm those same vineyards, crafting wines that are unpretentious, full of character, and deeply connected to our heritage.

In a world filled with 24-hour news cycles, political divides, global warming, and conflicts, we believe in the power of optimism. Half Full Wine Company is about more than making high-quality wines; it’s about creating experiences that elevate your time with friends and family. Our wines are designed to start new conversations, add a drop of optimism to everyone we meet, and inspire happiness. Our mission is simple: the world needs more joy and positivity.

We also believe in challenging the status quo. Wine has often been veiled in pretense, but we’re here to change that. After all, it’s just fermented grape juice. So, pull a cork, grab your glass, and enjoy! Give it a little sniffy sniff, swirl it around, and savor the moment. No pressure, all love. We make wine accessible, enjoyable, and fun, bringing people together over a shared love of great wine and good times.

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